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During a dental implant procedure, your dentist may be assisted by a dental team of professionals, especially if the dentist does not have the experience and training necessary to complete the entire process on his own.

Normally, there are two steps involved in this dental procedure. In some cases, however, the implants are set in the jawbone in a temporary or permanent capacity. When this is done in the same appointment, it is called immediate loading dental implants. In case where the procedure is done in two steps, then more than one dentist is usually involved. The implant takes place in one office, and then the crown or other prosthesis is put in place in another dental office. Sometimes an experienced dentist is able to complete the entire procedure. Many patients are happier in this situation since they trust their dentist. They also know the dental assistants and other staff and are familiar with that particular office.

When you require services, you will be pleased to find that our innovative system has the ability to match participating dentists with potential patients in the local area. This takes the anxiety and guesswork out of seeking a dentist with whom you feel comfortable. The dental implants will be affordable and your local dentist guarantees the work.

The first step of the dental implant process is done under local anesthetic as the implant is positioned during surgery. This procedure is done by an oral surgeon, a peridontist or a dentist who is very experienced. For aesthetic appearances, a temporary crown is sometimes used. This usually depends on the location in which it is placed—for instance, to replace a front tooth. When several teeth are involved, a denture will be provided until it is time to fit the implants. After this is done, a period of healing will follow until the bone fuses to the implants. This process is called osseointegration and can last from a few months up to a year.

The restorative work is the next part of the process and it consists of creating a crown, bridge or denture that is attached to the implants. In order to determine the shape and size of the replacement teeth, an impression will first be taken. This usually requires the expertise of an experienced dentist or a prosthodontist. The prosthetic teeth are then positioned and fastened to the supporting implants. The prosthetic teeth are so well matched in shape and color to the natural teeth of the patient that they are nearly impossible to detect.

We offer affordable dental implants that can make a real change for the better in your life. To find a dentist in your local neighborhood, complete the form today. We will schedule a free consultation at your convenience to answer all your questions. During the appointment, we will determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. We will also help you to make an informed decision as to whether this procedure is for you and the results you may expect.

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