Smile Gallery

Before and after pictures of happy patients:

Before & After - Decay, Erosion & Stains“This patient presented with rampant decay, erosion and heavy tobacco stain. beautiful results were achieved with in office whitening, 8 porcelain crowns, and 4 porcelain veneers”

Before After“This patient presented with a deep bite, crowding and severely chipped and fractured lower teeth. Invisalign along with esthetic bonding gave him a healthy beautiful smile”

Before & After - Unaesthetic front tooth“This patient’s unesthetic front tooth was restored by simply placing an all porcelain crown”

Before & After - Midline space & uneven edges“This patient’s midline space and the uneven edges were his main complaint. a natural, beautiful smile was made by placing 6 porcelain veneers.”

Before & After - Uneven smile line“Here is another patient that presented complaining of the size, contour, and shade of her teeth along with the uneven smile line. A combination of in office whitening, crowns and veneers yielded wonderful results.”