JJ Dental – Making Dental Insurance Work For You

Because transforming their smile can be expensive, many people will avoid getting the work done that they need. However, it is possible to search for, and find, a local dentist that accepts dental insurance. Whether it be Cigna, Metlife, Delta Dental or Blue Cross Blue Shield or one of the many other carriers,
JJ Dental will provide you with the dental treatment you need.

The staff at JJ Dental has a real passion for creating a beautiful smile for their patients. We put a lot of effort in providing exceptional dental care at a price that our patients can afford.

We will not only try to work within our patients budgets, but will also assist in working with your insurance company to ensure that you are getting the most from your dental plan. Payment plans and flexible financing could also be available to those patients who do not have insurance or have exhausted their dental benefits.

Insurance Benefits

While most insurance plans do cover dental expenses that are incurred for preventative and restorative dental care, very few cover items that fall under cosmetic treatment. Some examples of cosmetic treatments are teeth whitening and veneers. Our dental staff will help in determining which treatments are not covered and help our patients in discovering your financing options. The office staff is more than happy to assist our patients by filing the insurance paperwork and talking with the insurance providers in order to gain the most from your plan.

Financing Choices

There are financial options available that will cover up to $25,000 in cosmetic dental work. This method allows the patient to pay for the work they have done in affordable monthly installments. There are several repayment options available, such as low or no monthly interest or small monthly payments. These options allow for an affordable smile transformation without breaking the budget.

Easy Financing

Many patients may prefer to pay by check, credit card or cash payments for work done by our dentists. The staff will be willing to assist in creating a payment plan that works for everyone.

Everyone deserves a healthy smile and JJ dental wishes to make preventative oral health care as well as cosmetic dentistry available to everyone. Contact dental office to see how we can help you achieve a gorgeous smile within your budget today.