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Making the Choice Between Best Dentist Ft. Lauderdale Teeth Whitening or DIY

Teeth whitening has certainly become the cosmetic dentistry treatment of choice in the last few years. Although the technology has changed, the desire for that bright white smile has been around for years and years. If this is something of interest to you then you may want to take a look at the differences between the best dentist Ft. Lauderdale teeth whitening services compared to your do it at home attempts.

In the past teeth brushing has been the number one resource to try and accomplish the look of the bright white teeth. Everyone has different degrees of teeth color, and very few people have what could  be called naturally white teeth. Standard teeth brushing is something that most of us do to protect against cavities, while at the same time removing stains caused by food and beverages or smoking, for example. In some cases we are successful at this and other times we are not. There are some stains that over the counter tooth paste simply cannot remove.

With all of the emphasis that has been place on the pearly white smile, toothpaste manufacturers have worked feverishly on coming out with the ultra home teeth whitening product. There are dozens to choose from and many claim to be the best. While most users will state that they do make a great improvement to their smile many still feel that there is still room for improvement. This leads them to looking into what does their best Ft. Lauderdale dentist have to offer them as a solution.

You may be considering the affordability of professional teeth whitening, but you may find after a thorough review that the price is quite acceptable. By the time you add up the costs of all the over the counter at home use dental whitening kits you will find the cost quite substantial. You may also find that the results that you are receiving from this are quite pleasing but the satisfaction is short term because your teeth soon become discolored again after you quit using the product. You may also discover that there is a limited amount of times that you can use the product within a given period of time.

You may also find it interesting to know that quite often teeth that are yellow tend to respond to whitening better than those teeth that have a brown or grey tinge to them.

When you opt for a professional Ft. Lauderdale teeth whitening procedure you may have several options. You may be told that laser bleaching is available. This includes the use of a much stronger bleach which is what creates the whitening action. It is the same concept as the over the counter whitening but these products are not nearly as strong. When you dentist performs this laser bleaching he has to protect your gums from coming into contact with the bleach to avoid damage and irritation. While the results are impressive after a series of these treatments they are often one of the more expensive types of teeth whitening professional solutions.

Another option you may be presented with is professional bleaching tray procedures. Here the best Ft. Lauderdale dentist makes an impression of your teeth. He then uses this impression to develop a bleaching tray that will fit exactly over your teeth. You are then given the tray and a special solution for bleaching that is used in these trays repeated for anywhere from one to two weeks depending on the desired results and the severity of your teeth discoloration.

Sometimes your professional dentist will combine different teeth whitening treatments to get the desired results. The final decision as to how you want to proceed with your teeth whitening in respect to choosing being your Ft. Lauderdale’s teeth whitening service and over the counter treatments is entirely up to you. As you can imagine though, with your dentist having access to much strong bleaching agents and his experience and expertise, you are more than likely going to get far better results going with the best dentist Ft. Lauderdale professional rather than do your own treatments.

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